The inner complexity of Nite Owl

09 April 2023

 nite owl dan watchmen

Dan Dreiberg's character in Watchmen is a complex one, with various factors contributing to his struggles with morality and ethical dilemmas. One of the primary factors is his past as a superhero, which informs his sense of identity and purpose. 

Dan had been a respected hero who fought crime alongside his partner, Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl. However, with the Keene Act passing, outlawing vigilantism, Dan retired and became a recluse, struggling with depression and a sense of purposelessness.

In the graphic novel, we see Dan grappling with the fact that his identity as a hero is a significant part of who he is, but he is unable to act on it due to the law. 

Dan's struggle with his sense of purpose and identity is further complicated by his complex love relationship with Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre. Sally was Dan's first love, and he has always had feelings for her, but their relationship has never truly worked out due to their different personalities and priorities.

A significant factor in Dan's struggles with morality and ethics is his involvement in the investigation of Edward Blake's murder, also known as The Comedian. Dan initially opposes the idea of using violence to solve problems and is hesitant to become involved in the investigation. However, his sense of duty to society ultimately leads him to work with Rorschach, and as they dig deeper into the case, Dan becomes increasingly conflicted about his role as a hero.

As the story progresses, Dan's character arc becomes more complex. 

He realizes that he has become disillusioned with the idea of heroism and the notion that violence is an acceptable means to an end. Dan's struggle to reconcile his sense of duty to society with his moral values and his complicated love life makes him one of the most relatable and intriguing characters in Watchmen.


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