What Academy Awards did Blade Runner (1982) and Blade Runner 2049 win?

14 March 2023
The Blade Runner franchise has long been regarded as a cinematic masterpiece, not only for its compelling storytelling and thought-provoking themes, but also for the exceptional quality of its production.

 Both Blade Runner films, the original 1982 release and the 2017 sequel Blade Runner 2049, have garnered numerous accolades and awards, including recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The original Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1983 for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and Best Visual Effects. 

The film's visual aesthetic was groundbreaking for its time, featuring a unique blend of futuristic and retro elements that helped create the dystopian world of the film. The elaborate set designs, including the iconic Tyrell Corporation building, and the use of miniatures and practical effects to create the futuristic Los Angeles skyline, were praised for their attention to detail and realism. 

blade runner 2049

Similarly, the visual effects in the original Blade Runner were considered revolutionary, particularly the use of the "Spinner" vehicles and the creation of the replicants, which were brought to life using a combination of practical makeup and animatronics. These effects helped to bring the world of the film to life and immerse the audience in its dystopian vision of the future.

Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve (Dune), continued in the footsteps of its predecessor by setting a new standard for visual excellence. 

The film won two Academy Awards in 2018 for Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects

The cinematography, shot by renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins, was particularly lauded for its use of color and lighting to convey the film's mood and tone. The film's use of practical effects, including the creation of a full-sized "Spinner" vehicle, also helped to create a more immersive and realistic world.

2049 was also nominated for Best Sound, Best Editing, and Best Production Design.

In addition to its technical achievements, both Blade Runner films were also praised for their exceptional sound design and music scores. The original Blade Runner featured a haunting score by Vangelis, which helped to create the film's unique atmosphere and tone. Blade Runner 2049 continued this tradition with a score by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch, which was similarly atmospheric and immersive.


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