The symbolism of the Unicorn in Blade Runner

13 March 2023
Blade Runner is a film that explores the nature of identity and humanity through its depiction of replicants, bio-engineered beings that are visually and mentally indistinguishable from humans. The film's central question is whether replicants are truly alive, sentient beings with the same rights and moral standing as humans, or mere machines created for human use and disposal.

The unicorn imagery in Blade Runner is a powerful symbol that contributes to the film's exploration of these themes. The unicorn represents a mythical and elusive creature, a vision of purity and innocence that is impossible to capture or contain. In this sense, the unicorn can be seen as a metaphor for the replicants themselves, who are seen as rare and precious beings that are hunted down and killed for their perceived threat to human society.

The unicorn symbolism is introduced in the Director's Cut and The Final Cut, where a dream sequence shows Deckard seeing a running unicorn. The fact that Gaff leaves an origami unicorn for Deckard at the end of the movie suggests that Gaff knows about Deckard's dreams, and therefore about his identity as a replicant. This symbolism creates a parallel between Deckard's and Rachael's situations, reinforcing the idea that replicants can be indistinguishable from humans.

unicorn meaning

The unicorn imagery also serves as a metaphor for the film's themes of innocence and purity

The unicorn represents an idealized vision of beauty and grace, something that cannot be captured or contained. This idea is mirrored in the film's depiction of the replicants, who are seen as beings with a purity of spirit and a deep longing for a life that they can never truly have. The film suggests that these beings, despite their artificial origins, have the same potential for goodness and morality as any human being.

Furthermore, the unicorn symbolism underscores the idea that memories and experiences shape our identity and sense of self. Rachael's implanted memories make her believe that she is human, while Deckard's dreams of the unicorn suggest that his memories might be artificial as well. The idea that memories can be manipulated raises the question of what truly makes us human and whether our experiences and memories are what define us as individuals.

A unicorn appears in the scene where Sebastian 'liaises' with Pris in his apartment. Check the top right of the image. Given Sebastions contribution to the AI replicants, the appearance of a unicorn in his apartment is too much of a co-incidence.

Director Ridley Scott has spoken extensively about the unicorn symbolism in Blade Runner, and has confirmed that the unicorn dream sequence was meant to suggest that Deckard is a replicant.

In an interview with Wired, Scott said, "The unicorn was an intentional inclusion in the film, and it represents Deckard's unique status as a replicant with implanted memories. The unicorn dream suggests that Deckard's memories are not his own, and that they were artificially implanted. The origami unicorn left by Gaff at the end of the film confirms this interpretation."

Scott has also stated that the unicorn was always part of the film's narrative, but that the dream sequence was removed from the original theatrical cut due to concerns about pacing and audience reception. He added that the inclusion of the unicorn sequence in later cuts of the film was important to fully convey the film's central themes of identity and memory.

Scott's comments confirm the popular interpretation of the unicorn symbolism as a key element in the film's exploration of the nature of identity and humanity. By suggesting that Deckard's memories are artificially implanted, the unicorn symbolism underscores the idea that our experiences and memories are what make us who we are, and raises questions about what it truly means to be human.


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