The origin of 'Tell Grimlock about the petro-rabbits again' in Transformers: The Movie

28 March 2023
Grimlock is a character from the Transformers franchise, known for his distinctive speech patterns and his tendency to transform into a fierce, fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He is often depicted as being impulsive and hot-headed, with a short temper that can lead him into trouble. Despite this, Grimlock is also fiercely loyal to his fellow Autobots and is always ready to jump into battle to defend them.

He has a strong sense of honor and believes in doing what is right, even if it means going against the orders of his superiors.

Grimlock's childlike behavior and speech patterns make him a unique and endearing character in the Transformers universe, and he has become a fan favorite over the years.

He's bad ass.

tell me about the petro rabbits

In the 1986 animated film 'Transformers: The Movie', Grimlock, famously asks Kup this question after Kup starts telling an old war story, featuring petro rabbits:

 Tell Grimlock about the petro-rabbits again.

This line has become one of the most memorable moments in the movie.

Well, other than 'you know who' being killed...

There is a popular theory that Grimlock's line is a reference to John Steinbeck's classic novel 'Of Mice and Men', where the character Lennie frequently asks his friend George to "Tell me about the rabbits." 

The theory suggests that Grimlock's line is a nod to this famous quote, drawing a parallel between Grimlock's simple-minded and direct way of speaking and Lennie's childlike innocence.

The connection between the two characters goes beyond just their dialogue. Both Grimlock and Lennie are physically imposing but mentally childlike, often misunderstood by those around them. Grimlock's childlike behavior is emphasized by his speech patterns and his tendency to speak in the third person. 

The theory about the reference to 'Of Mice and Men' has not been officially confirmed by the creators of 'Transformers: The Movie'. However, the idea has gained significant traction among fans and has become part of the larger cultural lore surrounding the film. 


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