The meaning of the Bees scene in Blade Runner 2049

15 March 2023
In Blade Runner 2049, the scene where K finds the bees is a pivotal moment in the film. The scene takes place after K discovers a date carved on a tree at the orphanage, which leads him to believe that he may be the missing child of Rachel and Deckard. K then goes to investigate an abandoned building where he finds a hive of bees, which he believes may be related to his memories.

Director Denis Villeneuve discusses the significance of this scene in the Director's Commentary of the film. He explains that the bees are a metaphor for the fragility of life and how all life is interconnected.

Here's some of his commentary on the scene:

In the scene, K carefully handles the bees, trying not to harm them or perhaps rather inspecting them as he probably has never come across a bee. This reflects the theme of empathy and compassion that runs throughout the film. Villeneuve notes that this scene was meant to show K's humanity and his connection to the natural world.

That point ties thematically to what fans have been saying about the bee connection to the original film:

That is to say, the bees in Blade Runner 2049 can also be seen as a symbolic allusion to the original film, particularly the scene where Deckard administers the Voight-Kampff test to Rachael. In that scene, Deckard asks Rachael what she would do if she suddenly realized there was a wasp crawling on her arm. Her response of "I'd kill it" is significant because it shows that she lacks empathy and is not truly human.

In contrast, K's reaction to the bees in Blade Runner 2049 is very different. He is not afraid or repulsed by them, but rather handles them carefully, showing a connection to the natural world that is lacking in many of the other characters in the film. This scene highlights K's humanity and empathy, despite the fact that he is a replicant.

Furthermore, the juxtaposition of this scene with K's belief that he may be the missing child of Rachel and Deckard adds another layer of complexity to the film's themes. While K may not be a human, the fact that he cares for the bees and understands their importance to the ecosystem highlights the importance of preserving life, even if it is artificial.

Now the real questions are the bees real or replicants? Who is feeding them? Deckard? Where are his resources coming from? Is Deckard's Dog real? Is Deckard real?


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