Ellen Ripley's Alien film timeline

15 March 2023
Ellen Ripley, the iconic protagonist of the Alien film franchise, is a character that has captivated audiences for decades. Played brilliantly by the talented actress Sigourney Weaver, Ripley is a strong, resilient, and resourceful hero who defies the typical gender roles and stereotypes that were prevalent in Hollywood at the time. Throughout her cinematic journey, Ripley battles against unimaginable horrors, from the deadly xenomorphs to her own personal demons, all while displaying unwavering courage and determination.
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Her adventures in space were somewhat compressed, excluding 57 years of cryosleep...

Here is a date timeline of Ellen Ripley's experiences in the first 4 Alien films:

2122 - Alien (1979): Ellen Ripley serves as the warrant officer aboard the commercial towing vehicle Nostromo. She and the rest of the crew encounter a hostile extraterrestrial creature, leading to the deaths of all but Ripley and Jones the cat.

2179 - Aliens (1986): Ripley is rescued from hypersleep after drifting through space for 57 years. She agrees to accompany a group of Colonial Marines to the planet LV-426 to investigate the loss of contact with a colony there. There, they encounter a large number of xenomorphs and engage in a fierce battle.
Ripley and a small group of survivors make their way to the orbiting space station. They are pursued by the alien queen, but Ripley manages to defeat her by using a cargo loader to eject her into space.

2179 - Alien 3 (1992): Ripley crash-lands on Fiorina "Fury" 161, a maximum-security prison planet populated by male inmates. She discovers that she is the only survivor of the crash and that a xenomorph has stowed away on the escape pod with her.

2381 - Alien Resurrection (1997): Ripley has been cloned by a team of scientists who are attempting to extract the queen embryo from her body. The xenomorphs escape from their captivity and wreak havoc on the ship, leading to a final showdown between Ripley and the alien queen.


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