Blade Runner 2099 announced

15 March 2023
The highly anticipated limited series "Blade Runner 2099" has tapped Emmy-nominated director Jeremy Podeswa as its pilot director, producing director, and executive producer. Podeswa, known for his work on HBO Max's "Station Eleven" and critically acclaimed series like "Game of Thrones" and "Boardwalk Empire," will be taking the helm of Amazon Prime Video's sequel to "Blade Runner 2049."

The series, which comes from showrunner and executive producer Silka Luisa, is shrouded in secrecy, with details about the plot remaining tightly under wraps. However, with Ridley Scott also serving as an executive producer alongside Michael Green, who wrote "Blade Runner 2049," fans of the franchise can expect nothing less than a thrilling and visually stunning sci-fi experience.

This marks a long-awaited return to the "Blade Runner" universe, with Scott first revealing plans for the series back in November 2021. The project has been in development since February 2022, with the official order coming in September of last year. Along with Podeswa, the writing team will also feature Tom Spezialy, who served as an executive producer on "The Leftovers."

The new series will be produced by Alcon Entertainment and Scott Free Productions, with additional executive producers including Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnsons, Ben Roberts, David W. Zucker, Clayton Krueger, Cynthia Yorkin, Frank Giustra, and Isa Dick Hackett.

The "Blade Runner" franchise has long been beloved by fans of science fiction, with its iconic visual style and thought-provoking themes. With Podeswa at the helm, viewers can expect a captivating and emotional journey through a futuristic world that is both haunting and beautiful.


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