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02 March 2023
Discuss the sequel to Batman, Batman Returns. Give a jolly account of the film's production, the plot critical reception and any cool details you know. aim for 750 word. ! Batman Returns is the sequel to the 1989 film Batman and was released in 1992. 

Directed by Tim Burton and produced by Denise Di Novi and Tim Burton, the film features Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, and also stars Danny DeVito as the Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and Christopher Walken as Max Shreck. 

The plot of Batman Returns follows Batman as he battles against the Penguin, a deformed and demented man who was abandoned by his parents as a child and raised by a family of penguins. The Penguin seeks revenge against Gotham City for rejecting him, and teams up with Max Shreck, a corrupt businessman who plans to build a power plant that will drain Gotham of its power. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle, a shy and unassuming secretary at Max Shreck's company, is pushed out of a window by her boss and is resurrected as the seductive and vengeful Catwoman. Batman must navigate these dangerous and complicated alliances to save Gotham City from destruction.

Critics praised the film's dark and gothic atmosphere, as well as the performances of the cast, particularly DeVito and Pfeiffer. The film's screenplay, by Daniel Waters, was also lauded for its clever and witty dialogue. However, the film's violence and sexual content drew criticism from some quarters, with some arguing that the film was too dark and disturbing for children.

penguin and batman

The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $266 million worldwide, and has since become a cult classic. Production for Batman Returns began in 1990, just a year after the release of the first film. Tim Burton wanted to make the sequel darker and more gothic than the first film, and the film's art direction reflected this. Burton also had more creative control over the sequel than he did with the first film, which allowed him to fully explore the themes and characters he wanted to include. 

One of the biggest challenges of production was creating the look of the Penguin, played by Danny DeVito. 

The character was inspired by the Penguin from the Batman comics, but Burton and the film's costume designer, Bob Ringwood, wanted to give him a more grotesque and deformed appearance. This required DeVito to wear a lot of prosthetic makeup, including a large prosthetic nose and fake teeth, which made it difficult for him to eat and speak. 

The other major addition to the film was Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer's performance as Selina Kyle/Catwoman was praised by critics and fans alike, and her character has since become one of the most iconic portrayals of the character in film and television. The film's costume designer, Mary E. Vogt, created a latex catsuit for Pfeiffer that was both sexy and functional. Pfeiffer had to undergo a rigorous training regime to prepare for the role, including martial arts training and whip training. 

selina kyle licking batman

Batman Returns has become a beloved film among fans of the Batman franchise. The film's iconic imagery, including the Penguin's army of penguins with rockets strapped to their backs and Catwoman's sleek and deadly appearance, has cemented the film's place in popular culture. Additionally, the film's themes of rejection, identity, and revenge continue to resonate with audiences today.

One cool detail about the film is that it features cameos from several well-known actors, including Vincent Schiavelli, who plays the Organ Grinder, a minor villain, and Pee-wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens, who plays the Penguin's father in a brief flashback sequence. Herman was directed by Burton in Peewee Herman's Big Adventure.

Additionally, the film's score, composed by Danny Elfman, includes themes and motifs that were used in the previous film, as well as new pieces that reflect the film's darker tone.

In conclusion, Batman Returns is a classic film that has endured for over 30 years. Tim Burton's creative vision, combined with the stellar performances of the cast and the film's striking visuals and score, have made it a fan favorite. While the film may be too dark and disturbing for some viewers, its themes and imagery continue to resonate with audiences today, making it a timeless addition to the Batman franchise.

Quotes from Batman Returns

  • I am not a human being, I am an animal." - The Penguin, said to his loyal penguin followers.
  • "Meow." - Catwoman, said seductively to Batman during their first encounter.
  • "I'd like to fill her void." - The Penguin, said to his henchmen about Catwoman.
  • "Life's a bitch, now so am I." - Catwoman, said to Batman during their final confrontation.
  • "You're just jealous because I'm a genuine freak and you have to wear a mask." - The Penguin, said to Batman during a public confrontation.
  • "It's the so-called normal guys who always let you down. Sickos never scare me. At least they're committed." - Selina Kyle, said to her boss, Max Shreck.
  • "I am Catwoman. Hear me roar." - Catwoman, said to Batman during their final confrontation.
  • "Just the pussy I've been looking for." - The Penguin, said to Catwoman during their first encounter.
  • "Eat floor! High fiber." - Catwoman, said to Batman during a fight.
  • "I haven't been fed for a week. I'm starving." - The Penguin, said to his henchmen before attacking a group of circus performers.
  • "I am the light of Gotham City. Do you want to know why? Because I have power." - Max Shreck, said to Selina Kyle.
  • "I don't know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much yummier." - Catwoman, said to herself after transforming into her alter ego.
  • "You're just jealous because I'm a woman and you're not." - Catwoman, said to Batman during their final confrontation.
  • "I'm a lover, not a fighter. That's why every minute I'm without a woman, I'm a minute closer to dying alone." - The Penguin, said to Catwoman.
  • "I'm not really sure. You see, I'm just a little pussy-cat caught in the middle of a big catfight." - Selina Kyle, said to Max Shreck during a tense confrontation.\

selina dancing with bruce

Facts and trivia about Batman Returns

  1. Michael Keaton was hesitant to reprise his role as Batman, but eventually agreed after Tim Burton promised him more character development.
  2. The film was shot largely on soundstages in Burbank, California, with elaborate sets designed by production designer Bo Welch.
  3. The film's budget was $80 million, more than double the budget of the first film.
  4. The Penguin's lair, the Arctic World exhibit in the Gotham City Zoo, was constructed at Warner Bros. Ranch in Burbank and included a large water tank for the penguins.
  5. The film's composer, Danny Elfman, returned to create the film's score, which incorporated themes from the first film as well as new themes for the Penguin and Catwoman.
  6. Michelle Pfeiffer trained for months to prepare for her role as Catwoman, undergoing martial arts training and whip training.
  7. The production team created multiple Catwoman suits, some of which were made with real leather and others made with latex for more flexibility during fight scenes.
  8. Danny DeVito spent over four hours a day in the makeup chair to achieve his transformation into the Penguin.
  9. DeVito wore a fat suit underneath his costume, which weighed over 75 pounds.
  10. The Penguin's signature "squeak" was created by Danny DeVito himself.
  11. The film's opening sequence, featuring the birth of the Penguin, was shot at Warner Bros. Ranch in Burbank and took two weeks to film.
  12. The film's climax, featuring the Penguin's attack on Gotham City and Batman's final showdown with the villains, was shot over six weeks on a massive set constructed on Stage 16 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.
  13. Many of the Penguin's henchmen were played by little people, including actor Warwick Davis.
  14. The film's production designer, Bo Welch, used German expressionist architecture and art deco styles as inspiration for Gotham City's design.
  15. The film's marketing campaign featured a controversy over the character of the Penguin, with McDonald's pulling its Batman Returns Happy Meal toys due to complaints about the character's grotesque appearance.
  16. Tim Burton initially wanted to include Robin in the film, but ultimately decided to focus solely on Batman and the villains.
  17. The film's visual effects were created by Industrial Light & Magic, and included a mix of practical effects and CGI.
  18. Many of the film's exterior Gotham City shots were created using matte paintings and models.
  19. Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman suit was so tight that she had to be vacuum-sealed into it.
  20. Tim Burton cast Christopher Walken in the role of Max Shreck after seeing his performance in the film Pennies from Heaven. The film's script originally included a subplot about Max Shreck's son, but it was ultimately cut from the final film.
  21. The film's marketing campaign included a music video for the song "Face to Face" by Siouxsie and the Banshees, which was included on the film's soundtrack


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