How THX 1138 influenced Star Wars.

27 February 2023
THX 1138 is a science fiction film directed by George Lucas in 1971, and it is considered a precursor to his later blockbuster, Star Wars. 

Here are some ways in which THX 1138 influenced Star Wars:


  • Visual Style: THX 1138 and Star Wars share a similar visual style, with futuristic technology, sterile environments, and a minimalist aesthetic. Both films feature sleek, shiny surfaces and a focus on industrial design.
  • Sound Design: THX 1138 was the first film to use the THX sound system, which was developed by Lucas to enhance the audio quality of movies. This system was later used in Star Wars, and it became an essential part of the film's immersive sound experience.
  • Dystopian Themes: THX 1138 and Star Wars both explore dystopian themes, depicting a future in which individuals are oppressed by powerful institutions. THX 1138 is set in a world where citizens are forced to take drugs to suppress their emotions, while Star Wars features an evil empire that rules the galaxy with an iron fist.
  • Characters: THX 1138 and Star Wars both feature characters who rebel against the oppressive societies in which they live. In THX 1138, the eponymous character decides to stop taking the emotion-suppressing drugs and begins a quest for freedom. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker rebels against the Empire and becomes a hero of the Rebel Alliance.
  • Special Effects: THX 1138 was one of the first films to use computer-generated imagery (CGI), which was later used extensively in Star Wars. Both films also feature groundbreaking special effects, including advanced models and matte paintings.
  • The robots in the Phantom Menace have the number stamped to their backs.

In summary, THX 1138 was a precursor to Star Wars in many ways. Its visual style, sound design, dystopian themes, characters, and special effects all influenced Lucas's later work, making THX 1138 an essential part of the Star Wars universe's development.

The word "Wookiee" was first used in George Lucas's 1971 film, being an off comment about a Wookie on the highway during a chase scene.

When Lucas was creating the Star Wars universe, he decided to repurpose the term "Wookie" as the name of a new alien species. According to Lucas, he wanted a character who could be a sidekick for Han Solo and who would be big, strong, and loyal. He remembered the use from THX 1138 and decided to use the word "Wookie" as the name for this new species. The rest is history!


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