What are the implications for the X-Men per the mid credit scene of The Marvels?

16 November 2023

The mid-credits scene of "The Marvels" marks a significant moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), particularly concerning the integration of X-Men characters. This scene establishes a complex nexus between the MCU and the various timelines of the X-Men universe, which have been depicted in the Fox X-Men films.

Location in the X-Verse: Monica Rambeau's Arrival

Monica Rambeau wakes up in a lab, greeted by Binary (Maria Rambeau in this universe) and Beast, voiced by Kelsey Grammer (X-Men III - The last Stand). The mention of Professor X by Beast and the setting itself heavily imply that this scene occurs in the original X-Men universe, specifically in the reset timeline created at the end of "Days of Future Past" (DOFP). This timeline alteration negated many traumatic events, resulting in a more hopeful setting where mutants like Jean Grey and Scott Summers are still alive.

Rambeau  marvels mid credit scene explained

Binary's Presence and Implications

In the comics, Binary is an alias of Carol Danvers, not associated with mutant lore. Her appearance in this universe as Maria Rambeau, however, signifies that this X-Men universe has superheroes beyond the X-Men, with Maria likely being a space-faring hero.

This introduction of Binary emphasizes the interconnectedness of different superhero entities across universes, potentially setting up collaborations or conflicts in future narratives.

Why Monica, Not Ms. Marvel?

The choice of Monica Rambeau over Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) for this crossover is intriguing. While Kamala, as a mutant in the MCU, would seemingly fit more naturally in the X-Men universe, Monica's presence might be setting up a different narrative route. It could be a strategic decision to explore her character's evolution in a universe where her mother is alive and a superhero, or it might foreshadow a different trajectory for the X-Men's introduction into the MCU.

Beast's Role and Avengers Connections

Beast's presence is noteworthy, considering his historical role as a liaison between the X-Men and Avengers in the comics. His involvement could be hinting at future collaborations or interactions between these two groups in the MCU. This bridging character can serve as a narrative catalyst for merging the two worlds.

Broader Context: Mutants in the MCU

This scene occurs against the backdrop of the MCU slowly introducing mutants. Characters like Professor Xavier, Ms. Marvel, and Namor have already been depicted as mutants or have mutant-like origins. This gradual introduction suggests a careful and deliberate strategy in integrating mutants into the larger MCU narrative.

Implications for Deadpool 3 and Beyond

The crossover of characters like Monica Rambeau into the X-Men universe has direct implications for upcoming projects like "Deadpool 3." It indicates a willingness to blend characters and storylines across what were previously distinct cinematic universes. The presence of characters from the Fox X-Men films in the MCU could suggest similar crossovers or cameo appearances in future Deadpool movies, potentially even integrating Deadpool into broader MCU storylines.

Conclusion: A Nexus of Possibilities

This mid-credits scene is more than just a fan-pleasing moment; it is a nexus point, opening a multitude of narrative paths. It teases the potential for complex interactions between characters from different universes and sets the stage for a more integrated and diverse MCU. The inclusion of X-Men characters and the acknowledgment of their timelines is a bold move, signaling exciting and possibly unexpected developments in the MCU’s future.


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